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Both my non-fiction and fiction writing are inspired by history. I am fascinated by the “story behind the story” -- those tales of the everyday and the miraculous that underlie the public stories we read about in history books and newspapers. Through my writing with the Canadian Encyclopedia, I’ve become increasingly interested in the connections between historical figures in Canada and the stories that haven’t been explored.

Historical figures are not just lists of accomplishments. They are human beings with struggles, motives, and emotions – noble and otherwise. There is something intriguing about the imperfect quality of real people who did amazing things. We feel more connected when we know that they got tired, petty, angry, sad, lost or disenchanted with their own goals. It’s even more inspiring that they succeeded and embraced their best qualities when they were haunted by their own flaws and doubts. We recognize this struggle in ourselves, and it empowers us when we know that people who achieved great things were like us in this way.


Katrine Raymond

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